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Duvet Covers Guide

Welcome to Duvet Covers Guide, a web site dedicated to providing you with complete information relating to duvets, comforters, bed linens and more. When researching and choosing your bedding, it is important to understand all the elements that make up comforter sets. This simple to follow duvet guide will explain all there is to know about choosing the right duvet covers and everything relating to duvets.

Duvet Covers

Thread Count
The thread count in a duvet refers to how closely knit the comforter threads are. In general, thread counts usually range between T150 and T220. With T180 and up being considered good quality duvet covers.

There are different types of designs to consider when selecting duvets, both affecting the quality and in turn cost of the comforters set.

Jacquard - is a 'woven' design, which tends to be more costly, as the design is more elaborate and therefore more labour intensive. The pattern of the duvet cover is woven into the fabric giving the look of the duvet cover longevity

Print - as the name says, will be a print of a particular design or pattern. It is 'printed' on to the duvet cover. A Print can be transferred to fabric by various methods. One way to transfer is a wet print, which is a direct colour to fabric transfer. Another way is the heat transfer, where the design is transferred from paper to fabric. This method contains a polyester fiber. Some prints can also be given a 'woven' affect, but the process of the weave is not done but rather a visual effect of the print.

Duvet Size Guide
For full details on what size duvets are available in, please follow this link.
Duvet Size Guide
You will find measurements of various duvets including, King Size Duvet, Queen Size Duvet and Twin Size Duvet.

Trims basically accentuate your bedding, it is the 'finishing' onto the edges. Typically, you will find bedding that are Knife Edged, Piped or Corded. Corded Edges are normally the most expensive because of the labor process. It looks like a cord is sewn onto the edges of the bedding or can also be used as an accessory on a pillow sham for example.

You must also be aware that the contents inside of the comforter will vary as well. If you would like a very thick and warm comforter, then search for one that is filled with 8-10 ounces. This weight is considered, 'Overstuffed'. If the comforter is filled with only 5-6 ounces then it will still keep you warm, but will not be as thick and will be of a lesser quality.

There are also different stuffing types in comforters. You must take note of this as some comforters will 'bunch up' or clump in certain areas over time, so in order to prevent this, look for one that is Bonded. This stuffing is sprayed with a special solution that will keep it from not shifting over time and will remain even for a longer period. Garnetted is the regular stuffing used.

Synthetic Duvets
Duvets which use synthetic materials rather than feathers are available for those with allergic tendencies. Whether it is due to the material used or the type of basting stitch used to keep the material in place, synthetic duvets seem somewhat less prone to creep and clump in the wee hours of the night. However, perhaps because synthetic duvets tend to be less heavy, they often have a difficult time staying properly attached to the cloth duvet covers.

Prior to the advent of synthetic duvets, duvet use was generally frowned upon for those with asthma, who are often prone to allergies. Furthermore, duvets can be a hiding place for dust mites, which are also known to aggravate asthma. Those with asthma are recommended to wash all bedding in hot water weekly, and this is especially true for duvet covers.

The Obvious

Probably not worth mentioning but be sure to know your:

  • Bed size

  • Linen requirements

  • Budget range for your comforter set

Thank you for taking time to review this guide, we hope you are now more educated on the elements to look for in duvet covers, comforter sets, and more. Be sure to check out our bed linens Guide for information on selecting the right linens.

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